Source Occupation Solutions, LLC, is a labor staffing firm connecting skilled staff with industrial clients. Our mission is twofold — to find and promote best in class workers and to deliver results for the businesses we support.

At Source Occupation Solutions, LLC, we seek out the most highly skilled industrial workforce and equipment to support projects primarily in the areas of oil and gas services, fabrication and cargo handling. We supply the right people to execute complex solutions to satisfy the needs of global clients. Our goal is to provide the finest quality service and do so more efficiently and economically than our competitors.

That’s where you fit. To get the job done, we need your craftsmanship and expertise. Our longshoremen, operators ,riggers and other material handlers directly influence the outcome of client projects and are the backbone of our reputation here at Source Occupation Solutions, LLC.

If you are a skilled worker or have experience in the industries we serve, we want to hear from you! Visit Jobs for current opportunities or contact us directly to learn more.